Today we live in a sad erra where natural and real physical appearance is rejected and resented while the artificial and plastic physical appearance is glorified and the number one preference. 

Women worldwide have always used a few tricks to enhance their beauty that included make up, accessories and hair styling…

Today to be classified as beautiful as a woman has gone beyond having styled your hair and having your best outfit on. 

In today’s world to be regarded as beautiful in society takes a lot of money and physical transformation: You have got to have your best and most expensive artificial hair on your head, a bit of boob/nose job, bleach your dark skin to the most lightest complexion, down a couple of pills to thicken and grow your bum… 

Plastic modern day beauty is slowly becoming a mediocre culture that’s slowly growing and gaining followers each and every year. 

Even grown women in their late 40s that you’d expect to be content with their natural physical appearance and encourage young girls to love their natural selves have also caught on, and i’m not just talking about public figures, i know some personally and have spotted elderly ladies with bleached skins (different shades of complexion from hands to the face….). 

I really feel sorry for the girl child, especially those that are not toddlers anymore entering their teenage years, as they observe this plastic beauty phenomenon surely they are already feeling the urge to look perfect aswel by any means: It’s only a matter of time till she starts asking mommy and daddy for some cash to go shop for skin lightening cream, wig etc and if mommy and daddy refuse she will grow up feeling ugly and out of place because she looks nothing close to the modern definition of beauty and that can be a destructive state of mind for a teenage girl child, she can turn into a lot of things to numb her ugly thoughts and feelings that she has about herself. 

If you’re for the modern day beauty as in you aspire to it, live it and it trully makes you feel happy and content with yourself, GOOD FOR YOU! It’s your life, your choice, your health, your body, your money your self esteem that’s at stake and you are the one who goes to sleep with your thoughts and feelings of depression and discontent about what’s really broken inside of you that you are trying to cover up with the extreme artificial beautification routines you go through everyday. 

-Love yourself! 



FEAR is a sicknessĀ 

I have been very anxious, so nervous and extremely scared countless times, esespecially in my teenage years. 

Looking back, 90% of the time i feared worrying about things that never happened. 

The main point in living is realizing your purpose, risking and taking all sorts of chances to pursue and accomplish whatever it is that you feel strongly passionate to accomplish. 

But there is an enormous enemy called FEAR within our minds… it is destructive, unreal and sickening because when it has got you so bad it disturbs your peace, logic and sanity that a visit to the doctor is even necessary to get you a dosage of anxiety disorder tablets to calm you down. 

FEAR will ruin your life if you allow it, drag your life sideways and hold you back from reaching your full potential. 

FEAR will let you think less of yourself and undermine your capabilities and capacity to turn your life around from what it is right now. 

FEAR is a monster that doesn’t deserve to dwell in you. It will limit you aswel as the possible things you can achieve. 

FEAR is not really what it appears to be in your mind, it’s just a four letter word attempting to cause destructive negativity in your mind, eyes and ears. 

Forget FEAR, if anything scares you, maybe it’s a sign that you must do it especially when you have got nothing to lose. The world is not made for cowards, if you want to conquer it and make efforts to bring some change into it, FEAR will not exist in your vocabulary.